Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Where the streets have no food

Back at the old place, I did a post about Vancouver's bid to promote street eats by rolling out a food cart pilot project.

Well, the results of the lottery to determine who gets a coveted license to peddle their wares on the streets of our fair city are in. And they're, well, kind of underwhelming.

At first blush, there's not a lot of variety. Sure, a heavy Asian influence was to be expected, but the lack of any South Asian/Indian options sticks out, as does the lack of innovation. I love meat on a stick, but it's not exactly a bold culinary statement.

Still, you gotta start somewhere and hopefully this project will be a big success and food carts become a permanent fixture of Vancouver's street culture.


  1. Here's hoping that should the cart fail miserably someone else is able to take over the license. If not, the whole project may go down in flames. Which would be tragic and leave my tummy grumblin'.

  2. my favourite is the chicken salad. seriously? chicken and mayo? bush league.